Louis Moreau are primarily Quilters and Embroiderers; we give the chosen fabric a unique stamp, whether that be traditional or ultra-modern. We have several machines that with the right pattern and treatment gives the  fabric that extra dimension. In addition, we create individual soft furnishings for Interior Designers, Marine Designers, Curtain makers, Upholsterers and Fashion Trade.  We guide, advise and recommend throughout manufacturing, consulting along the way to make quilted throws, bedcovers, cushions and quilted panels for upholstery and walling. We like to involve the designers whilst we manufacture, so that they get their personal branding into their projects. Our work can be seen in Palaces and Yachts across the world. We have taken pride in doing this work since the 1930’s from our London hub.

Louis Moreau’s career began at his father’s embroidery company which was set up in Stoke Newington in 1905. In 1933 Louis branched off and set up the quilters we know today. He later introduced the business to his son Paul Moreau to whom he passed it on in the late 50s. 

Paul had full rein of the quilters until 1998 when he retired and bestowed his role upon Victoria Rutter who has kept our needles threading ever since.